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2014 HAMM Rally Report.

Motorcycling is all about freedom and anything that promises to give us more of that, for less, shouldn’t be ignored, right?

If your motorcycle had a 550 mile range, achieved 120 mpg & delivered a ride so strong as to be almost effortless, you’d be a happy motorcyclist, yes?

Whether you ride for pleasure, tour regularly, commute or even work as a dispatch rider, you can’t afford to ignore the fact that a motorbike fitted with a modern diesel engine would deliver all those benefits and more.

All the guys here believe that and frustrated that no major manufacturer is a producing a diesel bike have gone ahead and built their own. Diesebike - Because M.P.G. matters!

Sceptical? Then checkout our site and prepare to be amazed….

Celebrating over 100 years of the Diesel Motorcycle.

Our Motto:

'Per cogo, non per mico' (By compression, not by spark)